Response To Bio’s Address to Parliament: Some are downright unconstitutional, Some plagiarisms from the APC manifesto, .

Some are Programmes that are already being implemented

Please Acknowledge the APC, where the SLPP direction is neither new nor original.

1. Those of you who aspire to hold political office must start farming as “Effective 2019 Investment in Agriculture(including animal husbandry) will be a precondition to holding political office”

Response: This is potentially unconstitutional. The constitutions stipulates conditions for political office. And not every one has an agriculture calling- there are lot of professionals who would contribute to national development outside this scheme which looks like forced labour.

2.”For the period 11th April to date a total amount exceeding 300 billion has been collected”.

 Response: This is mainly monies within the system that the erstwhile government had garnered, and which it was on the verge of implementing through the Treasury Single Account, but with thorough guidelines that would not starve MDAs from funds to meet their operational costs and pay their staff. Several MDAs are now unable to pay their salaries and meet certain operational costs

3. “Government will withdraw fiscal incentives from companies that do not comply with employment and local content laws”
Response:  Firstly, fiscal incentives are given to lure investments to Sierra Leone. This enabled the previous government to bring in investments into this country that surpassed all previous governments. The previous government had already started implementing a local content policy

4. “Students loan scheme that will provide deserving students loans to access higher education”

This was stolen from the APC Manifesto and the its 100 for 100  commitments of Dr Samura Kamara. But happy to know that you are taking it on, though you refused, as with the other programmes to acknowledge the APC

5. “My government will re introduce school bus system in large urban towns on a cost recovery basis and less than the prevailing market price.”


This was also stolen from the APC Manifesto and the its 100 for 100  commitments of Dr Samura Kamara. But happy to know that you are taking it on, though you refused, as with the other programmes to acknowledge the APC

6. “In the next few months my government will conclude arrangements for a National Ambulance service.”

This is a Programme designed and being implemented by the APC. Please acknowledge. Stating without acknowledging is plagiarism

7. “In the new direction Government will adopt a Sierra Leonean first policy were the interests of Sierra Leoneans will be paramount”

This is repeating what APC has enshrined as. Local Content Policy, and in its massive programs of construction everywhere in the country, and huge transfers to local councils regardless of how they voted. But it also seems like the SLPP appointments seeks the interstate of a particular region rather than the whole of Sierra Leone

8. ” My administration will conduct appropriate feasibility studies for the reinstitution of a national railway scheme”

Studies for phasing out the railway were undertaken during the SLPP administration of 1960s. But we know that this government is good at feasibilities studies and not at implementation. The APC was bringing back the railway, one such rail system already exist.

9. “Set up a lands court to help speed up the trial of land cases”

And the proposed Minister of lands is already violating people’s rights with illegal ministerial orders.

10. “I announce the creation of an independent commission for peace and national cohesion to be established by an act of parliament”

Action speak louder than voice. The silence of the SLPP on beating, stabbing and even death of non SLPP supporters in the South East speak louder that this pronouncement. We also thought that the talk of fiscal discipline would curtail creation of new entities.

11. “Government will treat corruption as a national threat and establish a special anti- corruption division in the high court”

This is also a policy commitment by the APC, please acknowledge

12. “Remove disaster management from ons and establish a specialised agency National disaster preparedness and management agency”

This is already in the offing. Acknowledge the previous government please.

13. “I will lead by example demonstrating discipline to refrain from acting unconstitutionally”.

Was restriction of movement without a state of emergency during the Saturday cleaning exercise constitutional ? Was police brutality against opposition MPs inside the well of parliament constitutional? Was getting proposed ministers to act as ministers even before confirmation by parliament constitutional?

14. “Restore the dignity of Paramount chiefs and bring them back to the central stage of national governance with rights and obligations fully recognised and respected”

The APC did restore the dignity of Chiefs, including reestablishment of salaries to chiefs and designing a program to provide vehicles to Chiefs, which the SLPP has made no mention of. The APC also brought dignity to many ruling families by making it possible for them to become Chiefs again through the de-amalgamation process

15. “Will examine the laws of dual citizenship with a view to allowing Sierra Leonean diaspora to fully participate in the politics of Sierra Leone”


This is also a policy commitment by the APC, please acknowledge.

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